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Williams Games to Jamma Adapter Harness

$75.00 - $85.00
Shops Within 2 Days

Williams Games to Jamma Adapter Harness

This Adapter harness will fit your Dedicated Game (Defender/Stargate/Joust/Robotron/Sinistar/Blaster and Bubbles Games)

It connects to your games stock harnesses connectors and allows you to swap over to a modern Jamma PCB like the

Jrok Multi-Williams PCB without hacking your game up.

When Ordering please Choose what game it will be for, and if it is a upright or cocktail game.

If you plan to power the Jamma game board with a extrernal switching power supply, please check that option off and I will extend the power wires and add fork terminals for easy hookup.

If you have any questions please send us a message before ordering.

Thank You.


Download our Install Help PDF (Note Pictures are Old OLD version, but info still the same. NEW Manual Coming Soon)

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