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Commonly Asked Questions
Pre-Orders and What Are They?
A pre-order is when you place a order ahead of the date the order will actually ship.
The reason all the main harnesses on our website are listed as a pre-order is because we are a small home based company and I make the harnesses to order as they come in.  
I make every harness we sell myself and these take awhile to make properly.
If time is a major factor to you, please contact me before ordering to check on current work times etc.
Shipping Information
Shipping Method:
We Ship All Packages Tracked and Insured via Canada Post
Shipping Rates:
Shipping is from British Columbia, Canada              If you feel the shipping rate calculated is too high, please contact me with what you 
were looking for and your full mailing address and I will check manually.
Please Keep in mind that we are shipping from Canada, so rates are higher then say USA to USA shipping.

Store Hours

Store Hours : Open Tuesday to Saturday (9am-5pm)
Closed Sunday and Monday

Information about Our Products
Harness Connectors
All Our Harnesses are made with Top Quality Parts
and when available we upgrade the connectors to better types.
For Example we replace the stock Molex style 3.96mm (0.156") Terminals with the much better Trifurcon Terminals.
They have better contact on the header pins than stock ones.
Stock ones touch on one side of a pin, where these will touch 3 sides for a much better connection.
Wire Colors
Wiring colors are kept the same as the stock coloring so trouble shooting can happen using stock wire color codes.
The only difference is stock has the color band applied to the wire itself and we use colored heat shrink tubing bands along the wires length indicating the bandings color.

Misc Information
Larger Size Orders
If you are looking at ordering 3 or more wiring harnesses please contact me via the contact form with what you are looking to order and I can figure out both shipping but a discounted  price for buying a larger amount.