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About Us

Welcome to Golden Age Arcade Parts.

We are a small family run company based in a remote rural town called Tahsis.

Its located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

We live surrounded by forests and mountains and are blessed enough to have deer and other animals come visit on our deck.   




 What started out as working on my own games, slowly progressed into what you see today.

People have asked how I go about doing a reproduction wiring harnesses and that is something that has changed alot over the years as I found better ways to do things and got just better at it. 

It starts off with a kind collector loaning me the wiring harness so I can document it.

Once the harness arrives I will lay it out onto a template board and trace off all the wire runs and where connectors are located. After labeling everything I will go to each connector and make notes on type of connector, pins/sockets, wire colors, and wire size.

After charting everything off I will start with a main plug and document where it goes, its length and what the size and color of the wire is, and I will use a bench test rig to trace the actual wires. I compare this to the actual schematics as I go working wire by wire till I have every wire figured out.

I will then take my notes and create a build manual for each harness including pictures of plugs and any special notes I have.

It is very time consuming but in the end I can offer a reproduction based off the original working harness.

If you have any questions or special needs please feel free to message us anytime.

Thank you kindly for the support.

Ken & Noreena Falta