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Williams Adapter Harness and Matching Control Panel Harness

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This is a Pre-Sale item and will be made and shipped within the next two weeks. Please Read our FAQ for More Information.

We offer a Multi-Williams Adapter Harnesses for Early Williams games like Defender, Stargate, Joust, Robotron, Sinistar, Blaster. Normally these harnesses are made for the Jrok Multi-Williams PCB, but custom ones could be made if you plan to run the 19n1 PCB.

The Harness is an Adapter Harness that connects to your stock games wiring plugs and has extra wires run to the control Panel with a matching multi-williams control panel harness with either push on terminal ends or pre-tinned soldered ends.

These will allow you to run a Multi-Williams Control Panel and a Jamma PCB in your stock game without hacking/modifying the original wiring.